KOVEL FOUNDATION (A Trust By The Indigenous People for Research on Sustainable Technologies) has been registered as a trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882, On February 28, 1994 in accordance with the Bhadrachalam Resolutions (February 1, 1994), with its headquarters at Visakhapatnam. It is an apex organization of 250 Girijan Gum Pickers Associations (GGPAs) spread over 15 districts of Andhra Pradesh and has a strong clientele of 8500 Tribal Gum Pickers as its members.

Currently Kovel Foundation is operating in two states namely Andhra Pradesh and Telangana covering 21000 triabl families across 15 districts from both the states.

Kovel Foundation has come into existence with the following objectives:

> To realize higher prices for Non-Timber Forest Produce through value addition
> To provide training and extension to forest produce collectors so as to enhance the quality of the produce collected, thereby increasing the incomes realized and conserving the forest resources
> To voice the grievances of the tribals at appropriate forums and act as their spokesperson

Board of Trustees

KOVEL FOUNDATION is one of the few NGOs in the country owned and headed by Non Timber Forest Produce (NTFP) dependent Tribal/client communities. The representatives of the NTFP dependent tribal families from the Board and this ensures the community ownership and participation in planning, implementation, monitoring, review and evaluation of the programmes designed to uplift the tribal communities.

The Trust Board of Kovel Foundation comprises of 6 elected tribal Trustees from 250 Girijan Gum Picker Associations(GGPAs), 3 nominated Trustees and two standing invitees are Commissioner, Tribal Welfare and VC & Managing Director, Girijan Cooperative Corporation Limited, Visakhapatnam, who are committed to tribal development. The affairs of the Trust are managed by the Managing Trustee through the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Vision and Mission

KOVEL FOUNDATION works with a Vision “to promote and strengthen self – sustained and self managed NTFP dependent tribal member collectives to access resources, skills and knowledge so as to achieve the socio-economic empowerment”.

> Outreach: One Lakh families directly in Andhra Pradesh and 5 Lakh families indirectly across the country
> Increase income of 50,000 families by Rs.50,000 by 2022
> National Demonstration and Resource Center of Excellence in Non Timber Forest Produce(NTFP)


KOVEL FOUNDATION mission is “to blend scientific and traditional knowledge and impart best practices on sustainable harvesting, post harvesting, quality control, value addition, regeneration and marketing of forest based resources for the NTFP dependent tribal families, their Collectives and tribal youth for promotion of self sustained member collectives and thereby increased quality, increased incomes and biodiversity conservation”.

> Improving the Quality of life of forest dependent tribal families in the tribal areas (in India)


KOVEL FOUNDATION believes that the interest of the Tribal’s and the community for which it works are paramount of its work. Kovel’s core values are built around the fundamental value of “The best interest of the tribal community”

>   Faith and Respect in capacity of People, their Culture & Tradition
>   Accountability
>  Human, Social and Ecological Integrity
>  Natural Resource Conservation and Regeneration
>  Finding solutions for Tribal Problems by mixing traditional and scientific knowledge