Livelihood Development Programme (LDP)

The third pillar of Kovel intervention focuses on the enhancement of livelihood conditions and opportunities for the tribal community with appropriate market linkages. The Livelihood Development program strategizes its interventions towards a basket of livelihoods which have greater potential to address the issues of livelihoods of the tribal community. The basket of livelihoods comprise of both farm based and forest based interventions. The farm based interventions comprise of cultivation of various food crops with sustainable agricultural practices which address the food security needs of the community and as well as cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants that are having high market demand and can ensure good financial returns to the community.

With regard to the forest based livelihood interventions Kovel Foundation is encouraging and ensuring the sustainable practices with regard to the harvesting of Non Timber Forest Produces in order to ensure that the resources are safe guarded at the interest of the future generations and to safe guard the ecological diversity. As Kovel Foundation thoroughly understood the obstacles which hinder the tribal community in accessing the fair price and to address the issue the organization is capacitating the community to deal with all the aspects pertaining to the marketing of their commodities.


> To develop NTFP based livelihoods and the same includes Non Timber Forest Produce and Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.
> To promote Sustainable Agricultural practices with regard to agriculture based livelihoods and the organization is promoting Paddy through System of Root Intensification method, Annapoorna, an agriculture method which intervenes with food security needs of the community and also Kovel is reemphasising on cultivation of Millets, pulses etc once the community had grown and now the community is slowly forgetting to cultivate the same with various reasons.
> To develop agro forestry models with mixed plantations.
> To intervene with the livelihoods of Tribal Artisans and tribal fisher folk to address the issues related to their livelihoods.