NTFP Training and Knowledge Center (TKC)

The fourth pillar of the programme named the NTFP Training and Knowledge Centre (TKC) surrounds the final important area in which Kovel Foundation works. It is very important that in order to gain trust, respectability and ensure success and sustainability of work with tribal communities that Kovel Foundation continually works to develop, enhance and share knowledge.


This programme involves the researching, refining and harnessing of knowledge useful to tribal communities and to develop it into training sessions and resources for as wide dissemination as possible. In addition, it is under this programme that Kovel Foundation aims to undertake any collaborative work with individuals, government departments and other NGOs that would be useful in assimilating ideas and progressing knowledge in the sector for the benefit of poor and marginalized communities in India.


Designing and Development of IEC Material for wider dissemination
Conservation, Livelihoods and Enterprise Development prgorams
Promotion of NTFP plantations-Exsitu and Insitu
Strengthening Adivasis Self-Governance
Research and Development on NTFPs/MAPs