Skill Development Programme (SDP)

The second programme pillar i.e., Skill Development Programme (SDP) surrounds Kovel Foundation’s delivery of inputs to the community in the form of trainings, on field orientations and exposures support the community to develop the skills with regard to the collection and processing aspects of various NTFPs and farm based interventions. The upgraded skills and enhanced understanding over the scientific practices connected with harvesting of NTFPs helping the communities to realize profits.

Kovel Foundation with the through study and analysis of the tribal living and livelihood conditions has developed a series of resource materials and delivered a number of trainings to nearly 30000 NTFP collecting families and tribal farmers. Kovel Foundation by imparting scientific knowledge of conservation to the community is ensuring that the resources are protected at the interest of the future generations.


To organize skill development programs on scientific collection and value addition of NTFPs and Gums
To organize trainings to Honey harvesters, Hill Broom collectors, Medicinal Plant collectors.
To organize trainings on NTFP harvesting and post harvesting management practices.
To organize trainings on Sustainable Agricultural Practices.